Year of the Tiger Mural
A multi-panel mural designed and executed in collaboration with Simi Mahtani in honor of the 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year. Reading from right to left, as with Chinese texts, it depicts a tiger taking the subway to Flushing, Queens - home to the largest Chinatown in the world - to indulge in the the rich culture and flavors of this historically and predominantly Southeast Asian community.

Executed by hand over the course of a week, the mural is located in the halls of the Shops at Skyview shopping center, a major shopping and transportation hub located in the heart of Flushing. Spread across 5 panels, the mural spans approximately 60 feet. 

Client Shopcore Properties
Creative Direction
Teresa Wozniak, Simi Mahtani
 Teresa Wozniak, Simi Mahtani
Photography Kevin Gould
Video Kevin Gould

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