WeWork Hudson Bay
Located within Canada's iconic department store Hudson Bay's flagship location in the heart of downtown Toronto, this project celebrates the city's diverse urban culture and global renown. A mashup of the old and new, the concept is a collision between Canadian heritage and the vibrant youth hype culture Toronto is known for.

Using lightweight aluminium to mimic the shimmering movement of the Northern lights, one of the focal points of the space is a 
57 foot long retractable curtain composed of separated chains made up of colored links. 

Other pieces throughout the space reference iconic Canadian grocery store brand No Name, raccoons (Toronto's most beloved urban pest), the Toronto Blue Jays, and of course - Drake. Additional art throughout the space features a curated selection of Toronto ephemera, framed vintage baseball cards, paintings by local artists, and framed newspaper covers from the Raptors championship run.

Interior Design Lauren Grant
Art Direction Teresa Wozniak
Design Teresa Wozniak
Production Teresa Wozniak​​​​​​​, Let There Be Neon, Murals by Marg, Toronto Printworks, Kriska
Photography Katelyn Perry
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