Brand redesign for VAAY, a German CBD brand under the Sanity Group. Capitalizing on the CBD boom, VAAY's initial focus was on pushing product and sales, and neglected to establish a meaningful brand narrative that resonated with customers. This lack of vision resulted in insufficient differentiation from competitors in the vast CBD market, resulting in sluggish growth and low brand awareness.
Vaay's hyper-modern repositioning leveraged contemporary culture to build a community that customers wanted to be part of and felt deeply connected to. Through analyzing the market and emerging consumer behaviors, the brand's focus was redirected towards meaningful consumption, education, and the interplay between product, benefits, and desired experiences.

This pivotal shift propelled Vaay toward a new mission: catalyzing a radical cultural transformation through nurturing creative expression. It helped build customer community, offering spaces for connection, learning, and growth.

Their new brand strategy offers a platform for cannabis users to enhance their experience, by celebrating self-expression, expanding the mind, and exploring limitless creativity. This framework was extended to seamlessly integrate their medical THC brand AVAAY, paving the way for an effortless transition to THC products upon legalization in Germany.

Featured on Visuelle and The Dieline

Sanity Group
Agency YummyColours

Creative Direction Diego Marini, Connie Lui
Art Direction Teresa Wozniak
Design Teresa Wozniak, Mia Le, Linh Hà
PM Jen Holsman
Strategy Michelle Schäfer
SME Kassia Graham
Research Alexis Convento
Motion Graphics Rocketpanda
Video Mindtropia
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