Type Hike
Type Hike, a collaborative non-profit initiative started by David Rygiol and James Walker, champions the outdoors through illustration and typography pieces created by a collective of designers. In 2016, the project kicked off with 60 designs commemorating the National Park Service's centennial anniversary in collaboration with Poler. These designs have been showcased in galleries nationwide and incorporated into the Library of Congress' permanent collection.

Featured in Fast Company, Communication Arts, and Dwell

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Type Hike
Contributing Artists Alex Rinker, Ashleigh Brewer, Audra Hubbell, Ben Proell, Bryan Butler, Cassie Hester, Charles&Thorn, Chris Wright, Christian Fricke, Daniel Cole, David Carson, David Rygiol, Emily Iles, Eric Hurtgen, Fuzzco, Garrett DeRossett, Hayden Loos, Jacob Johnson, Jacqueline Pifer, James Louis Walker, Jay Fletcher, Jeremy Collins, Jeremy Teff, Jessica Hische, Jiyoon Cha, Jolie Durand, Joshua Noom, Josh Osborne, Judson Collier, Keith Young, Kelcey Towell, Laura Coggins, Lauren Dickens, Lucia Weilein, Matthew Marchini, Matthew Smith, Matthew Terdich, Max Morin, Meena Khalili, Michael DeKay, Missy Reinikainen, Nick Satinover, OTHER Studio, OMFGCO, Philip Eggleston, Pouya Ahmadi, Rob McConnell, Ryan Doggendorf, Ryan Feerer, Scott Biersack, Stitch Design Co., Teresa Wozniak, The Good Folks Co., Tony McAley, Workhorse, Zachary Smith, Zachary Wieland
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