Sorare MLB '23
Design and marketing campaign for the officially licensed MLB 2023 season collectibe NFT cards produced by Sorare. Inspired by baseball fields and ball stitchwork, the creative harnessed a stylized diamonds motifs to frame Sorare's athlete partners - Eloy Jiménez (Chicago White Sox), Joey Votto and Hunter Greene (Cincinnati Reds),Vinnie Pasquantino and Amir Garrett (Kansas City Royals), Willy Adames (Milwaukee Brewers), Juan Soto (San Diego Padres), and Julio Rodriguez (Seattle Mariners). 

Custom wool and leather jackets with custom Sorare patches featuring brand slogans and imagery, were created for the athletes to wear during social media content capture and the card launch campaign shoot. Community affiliate partner and prominent Sorare user John Nellis was also featured in both the social and marketing campaigns.

Creative Direction Ian Liu
Art Direction Teresa Wozniak
Design Ian Liu, Teresa Wozniak, Matt Massarelli, Antoine Christian, Georgie Yiannoullou, Jennifer Joraskie
Motion Graphics Matt Massarelli, Georgie Yiannoullou
Photography Alfonso Bui, MLBPA
Photo Retouching Lucky Elephant
Program Manager Katrina Lofaro
Executive Producer Mark Johnson
Production Kinect Media
Post Production Thomas MacVicar, J Money, Adam Weiss, Assembly Rouge, Lez Rouge, Kody Wescott, Duotone Audio Group
Executive Creative Director Khoi Phan