Closer Zine
Closer is a limited-run zine celebrating togetherness in isolation, featuring work from over 30 international artists and designers compiled into a bright red and pink, 16 page, 5x8” risograph zine printed by Risolve StudioAll proceeds from Closer benefitted the United Nations COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO, supporting countries affected by the pandemic by funding care for patients in need; ensuring frontline workers receive essential supplies, information, and protection; and supporting the global effort to track the spread and develop a vaccine and treatment.
Curated by Teresa Wozniak
Contributors Abigail Hanson, Aleck Venegas, Alexis Gallo, Anthony Eslick, Bailey Sullivan, Bob Surrao, Briana Garza, David Silverstein, Eduardo Palma, Elena Boils, Eric Friedensohn, Gaz Dunt, Jeremiah Britton, Jocelyn Tsaih, Joe Geis, Kyle Orlando, Lisa Ito, Nacho Varone, Namrata Lenka, Neethi, Nick Misani, Paulina Ho, Prateek Vatash, Roberto Balan, Ryan Wattaul, Sam Meachin, Sasha Veryovka, Sidney Howard, Simi Mahtani, Teresa Wozniak, and Viscaya Wagner

Production Risolve Studio
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